Beachcomber Serenade

South Seas Serenaders

Album Title: Beachcomber Serenade

Artist(s): South Seas Serenaders

Year: 2011

Label: Hallmark

Country: USA

Genre(s): Hawaiian/Polynesian

Format(s): Download

Availability: Still in Print

Track Listing:

  1. Papio
  2. Ua Haavarevare
  3. The Far Lands
  4. Po Avae
  5. Tamure Iti
  6. Farewell (For Just A Little While)
  7. Mapuana
  8. Tahuala
  9. Te Reva Nei Au
  10. I Got Hooked At A Hukilau
  11. Mareva
  12. Aloha Oe


WOW what a find!  This album is a rarity for sure.  Originally released in mono on Tahiti records, the tunes are pure Tahitian magic.  Not available on iTunes, but is offered by Amazon as a digitial download.  The audio is a little rough as was the original LP. so I can't verify if this is from a clean LP source or the source tapes.  Still, its nice to have this one.  The original cover is a gem unto itself.  This time they preserved the cover art pretty much as it was.  The only problem with the cover art is that this new download version looks blown out.  The LP cover photo is much sharper.  But that's a minor thing.

Sample Track: 10 I Got Hooked At A Hukilau

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