Carefree Days In Blue Hawaii

John K. Almeida Orchestra

Album Title: Carefree Days In Blue Hawaii

Artist(s): John K. Almeida Orchestra

Year: 2008

Label: 49th State

Country: USA

Genre(s): Hawaiian/Polynesian

Format(s): Download

Availability: Still in Print, Good Availability

Track Listing:

  1. Hawaiian Hula Dance
  2. Moonlight Over The Islands
  3. My Little Grass Shack
  4. There's Nothing To Do In Malaka Makulu
  5. Maui Dreams
  6. Blue Hawaii
  7. Waikiki Bay
  8. Wawaiian Dreams
  9. Song of Old Hawaii
  10. Now It's Time To Say Aloha To You


One of the many digital download reissued of the vintage 49th State Records label.  All, including this one appear to be from a vinyl source, but the vintage sound quality doesn't seem to detract from it. This one is comprised of lazy instrumentals that remind one of a Hawaii Calls album.  Early stereo.

Sample Track:

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