Eight Classic Albums, Vol. 1

Les Baxter

Album Title: Eight Classic Albums, Vol. 1

Artist(s): Les Baxter

Year: 2011

Label: 101

Country: UK

Genre(s): Exotica, Lounge, Space-Age Pop

Format(s): Compact Disc

Availability: Still in Print, Limited Availability

Track Listing:


4 CD set sontaining 8 of Baxter's vintage albums:
  1. Music Out of the Moon
  2. Perfume Set To Music
  3. Arthur Murray's Favorites - Tangos
  4. Arthur Murray's Favorites - Modern Waltzes
  5. Ritual of the Savage
  6. Festival Of Gnomes
  7. Thinking Of You
  8. The Passions
Most appear to be from vinyl sources.  The upside is that you can get a hunk of vintage Baxter in one swipe and you don't have to fiddle with digitizing the LPs for your ipod.  The down side is it would be nice to have these albums all from the master tapes.

Sample Track:

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