Exotic Moods

Various Artists

Album Title: Exotic Moods

Artist(s): Various Artists

Year: 1999

Label: Time-Life

Country: USA

Genre(s): Exotica

Format(s): Compact Disc

Availability: Out of Print, Scarce

Track Listing:

  1. Quiet Village (Martin Denny)
  2. Taboo (Ferrante & Teicher)
  3. Sophisticated Savage (Les Baxter)
  4. Let's Go Away For A While (The Beach Boys)
  5. The Enchanted Sea (The Islanders)
  6. Pearly Shells (Billy Vaughn)
  7. Evening On Tokyo's Sumida (Norrie Paramor)
  8. Old Devil Moon (Robert Maxwell, His Harp & Orchestra)
  9. Beyond The Reef (Jo Ann Castle)
  10. Trade Winds (Earl Grant)
  11. Pagan Love Song (Hugo Winterhalter & His Orchestra)
  12. Jungle Drums (David Carroll & His Orchestra)
  13. Yellow Bird (Arthur Lyman)
  14. My Tane (Martin Denny)
  15. Maracaibo (Les Baxter, His Orchestra & Chorus)
  16. Shish-Kabob (Ralph Marterie)
  17. Spell of Deatra (Richard Hayman & His Orchestra)
  18. Lotus Land (Andre Kostelanetz)
  19. African Echoes (Ferrante & Teicher)
  20. Tangi Tahiti (Nelson Riddle)
  21. Land of Dreams (Lawrence Welk)
  22. Song of the Islands (Los Indio Trabajaras)
  23. I Wished On The Moon (Jackie Gleason)
  24. Sunrise Over Sumatra (Enoch Light & His Orchestra)


A real rare gem.  This release was part of a Time-Life collection sold by subscription only.  The beauty of this release is that it contains a hand full of exotica tracks that have never been released anywhere before or since.  Rare, but can still be found if you are diligent.  This is a really nice collection of tunes.

Sample Track: 05 The Enchanted Sea

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