Exotica II

Martin Denny

Album Title: Exotica II

Artist(s): Martin Denny

Year: 2005

Label: Rev-Ola

Country: UK

Genre(s): Exotica

Format(s): Compact Disc

Availability: Still in Print, Limited Availability

Track Listing:

  1. Soshu Night Serenade [Mono Version]
  2. Isle of Dreams [Mono Version]
  3. Japanese Farewell Song (Sayonora) [Mono Version]
  4. Singing Bamboos [Mono Version]
  5. The Queen Chant (Li Liu E) [Mono Version]
  6. Wedding Song (Ke Kali Ne Au) [Mono Version]
  7. Escales [Mono Version]
  8. When First I Love [Mono Version]
  9. August Bells [Mono Version]
  10. Bacoa [Mono Version]
  11. Ebb Tide [Mono Version]
  12. Rush Hour in Hong Kong [Mono Version]
  13. Soshu Night Serenade [Stereo]
  14. Isle of Dreams [Stereo]
  15. Japanese Farewell Song (Sayonora) [Stereo]
  16. Singing Bamboos [Stereo]
  17. The Queen Chant (Li Liu E) [Stereo]
  18. Wedding Song (Ke Kali Ne Au) [Stereo]
  19. Escales [Stereo]
  20. When First I Love [Stereo]
  21. August Bells [Stereo]
  22. Bacoa [Stereo]
  23. Ebb Tide [Stereo]
  24. Rush Hour in Hong Kong [Stereo]


Once again, the mono and stereo performances were different recording sessions.  Rev-Ola releases both version on a single CD.  Very cool that this has been released like this.  From the master tapes.

Sample Track:

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