Russ Garcia

Album Title: Fantastica

Artist(s): Russ Garcia

Year: 2008


Country: Japan

Genre(s): Space-Age Pop, Novelty

Format(s): Compact Disc

Availability: Import, Scarce

Track Listing:

  1. Into Space
  2. NOVA (exploding Star)
  3. Lost Souls of Saturn
  4. Monsters of Jupiter
  5. Water Creatures of Astra
  6. Venus
  7. Red Sands of Mars
  8. Goofy Peeple of Phobos
  9. Volcanos of Mercury
  10. Birth of a Planet
  11. Frozen Neptune
  12. Moon Rise


Space age concept album in the same vein as Les Baxter's "Space Escapade", this album is a tone poem for outer space.  It also sounds as if it could be a soundtrack to a long lost B movie.  Originally released in '59 on Liberty records--until recently, Japan was the only place to get this in pristine digital format.  The Japanese CD is now long out of print and very very rare.  The good news is that it was been released as a digital download and is available from various download services such as iTunes, Amazon and CD Universe--it also comes with a digital booklet.  So now you don't have shell out major bucks to get a copy.  The sound quality is excellent and from the master tapes.

Sample Track: Into Space

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