Fire Goddess

Webley Edwards presents Hawaii Calls

Album Title: Fire Goddess

Artist(s): Webley Edwards presents Hawaii Calls

Year: 2012

Label: Sinetone AMR

Country: UK

Genre(s): Exotica, Hawaiian/Polynesian

Format(s): Download

Availability: Still in Print, Limited Availability

Track Listing:

  1. Fire Goddess
  2. Canoe Song
  3. Tapa Dance
  4. Flame Dance
  5. Knife Dance
  6. Forbidden Waters
  7. Sharkskin Drums
  8. Beauty Hula
  9. Thoughts of Love
  10. Hawaiian Bamboos
  11. Temple Dance
  12. Chant of the Islands
  13. The Old Church
  14. Pele, Fire Goddess


A rarity indeed.  This is a download available only on the international market and very hard to find in the US official digital music retailers online.  Seems to be the complete album although the original (and very beautiful) cover artwork is replaced for some unknown reason.  NOTE: this album was reissued on CD only in Japan in 2006 and is now out of print and impossible to find.

Sample Track:

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