Hawaii Calls at Twilight

Welbley Edwards and Hawaii Calls

Album Title: Hawaii Calls at Twilight

Artist(s): Welbley Edwards and Hawaii Calls

Year: 2000

Label: Hallmark

Country: USA

Genre(s): Hawaiian/Polynesian

Format(s): Download

Availability: Still in Print, Limited Availability

Track Listing:

  1. Mauna Loa
  2. Kalua
  3. Beyond the Reef
  4. I'll Weave a Lei of Stars for You
  5. Lei Aloha Lei Makamae
  6. Blue Hawaii
  7. Maui Chimes
  8. Wailana
  9. I Wish They Didn't Mean Goodbye
  10. Aloha, Sunset Land


One of the first Hawaii Calls albums from the mid 1950's before the days of stereo.  Presented here as a digital download, but missing two tracks from the original LP--why, I just don't know.  Sound quality is pretty good and the original cover art is used here, albeit a heavily over saturated version.  NOTE: This album was released on CD only in Japan in 2006 with the full album tracks and a sparkling digital transfer of the audio at that.  Stadly the Japanese version is long out print and more rare than hen's teeth.

Sample Track:

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