Hawaii’s Calling Me

Marty Robbins

Album Title: Hawaii’s Calling Me

Artist(s): Marty Robbins

Year: 1995

Label: Bear Family

Country: USA

Genre(s): Hawaiian/Polynesian

Format(s): Compact Disc

Availability: Still in Print, Limited Availability

Track Listing:

  1. Lovely Hula Hands
  2. Sea and Me
  3. Ka-Lu-A (love Song of Kalua)
  4. Night I came A Shore
  5. Echo Island
  6. Kuu Ipo Lani
  7. Hawaiian Wedding Song
  8. Drowsy Waters
  9. Hawaiian Bells
  10. My Wonderful One
  11. Blue Sand
  12. Hawaii's Calling Me
  13. Beyond Teh Reef
  14. Hawaiian Wedding Song
  15. Song of the Islands
  16. Don't Sing Aloha When I Go
  17. Beyond the Reef
  18. Crying Steel Guitar Waltz
  19. My Isle of Golden Dreams
  20. Now is The Hour
  21. Sweet Lailani
  22. Down Where The Trade Winds Play
  23. Aloha Oe
  24. Island Echoes
  25. The Moonland
  26. Constanacy
  27. My Isle of Golden Dreams
  28. Aloa Oe


Bear Family created a wonderful collection comprised of Robbins' classic Hawaiian albums.  The master tapes were used, so sound quality is first rate.  Even though Marty Robbins is best known as a country singer, his voice lends perfectly to the Hawaiian genre.  You feel as though you are really in old Hawaii. Still in print but getting harder to find and a bit pricy, but worth it.

Sample Track:

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