Jon Hall Directs Music From Honolulu

Jon Hall

Album Title: Jon Hall Directs Music From Honolulu

Artist(s): Jon Hall

Year: 2006

Label: Universal Japan

Country: Japan

Genre(s): Hawaiian/Polynesian

Format(s): Compact Disc

Availability: Import, Out of Print, Very Rare

Track Listing:

  1. Quiet Village
  2. Hawaiian Cowboy's Song
  3. Pua Carnation
  4. Tna Tika
  5. Lei Ahi
  6. Rocking Chair Hula
  7. Singing Bamboo
  8. Aleka
  9. Nani Waimea
  10. Naka Pueo
  11. Pua Mana
  12. He Alii


Jon Hall was an actor who, like many others, fell in love with Hawaii.  This album is the result.  There was another companion LP with a similar cover, but it has yet to be reissued.  This is presented as a limited edition run in  LP mini sleeve with original front and back cover art.  Sound is first rate and from the master tapes.

Sample Track: 01 Quiet Village

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