Jungle Drums

Augie Colon

Album Title: Jungle Drums

Artist(s): Augie Colon

Year: 2012

Label: Broken Audio

Country: USA

Genre(s): Exotica, South of the Border / Latin

Format(s): Download

Availability: Still in Print

Track Listing:

  1. Jungle Drums
  2. Copacabana
  3. Hernando's Hideaway
  4. Chiu Chiu
  5. Manigua
  6. Mambo Balahu
  7. Chant of the Jungle
  8. Witch Doctor
  9. Frenesi
  10. Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart
  11. Primitiva
  12. Ode Colon


This is actually Augie Colon's second LP, originally titled "Chant of the Jungle".  Another release that I'm torn about!  On one hand, I'm happy to have this release see the light of day.  On the other hand, the audio quality is a dirty shame.  This release's audio is muddy--in stereo--but muddy as hell.  I have the original LP and it is crisp and clean audio.  I don't know what they were thinking.  However, this does have an extra track "Copacabana" that is not on the original LP release.  Wonderful original cover art is sadly replaced here also.

Sample Track:

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