Lecuona Sinfónica

Morton Gould

Album Title: Lecuona Sinfónica

Artist(s): Morton Gould

Year: 1997

Label: RCA

Country: USA

Genre(s): Exotica, Lounge

Format(s): Compact Disc, Download

Availability: Still in Print

Track Listing:

  1. Jungle Drums
  2. La Comparsa
  3. Gitanerias
  4. Andalucia
  5. Malaguena
  6. Danca Lucumi
  7. Cordoba
  8. Rapsodia Negra
  9. Siboney
  10. La Conga de Media Noche
  11. Danza Negra
  12. Y La Negra Bailaba
  13. Danza De Los Nanigos
  14. Guadalguivir
  15. in 3/4 Time


This appears to be a mix of the original "Jungle Drums" and the follow up "More Jungle Drums" LPs remastered, with excellent sound quality.  The only drawback is that it does NOT contain all tracks from both albums, only some.  The first "Jungle Drums" was released on CD twice (see other entries), but "More Jungle Drums" has yet to be released in its entirety.

Sample Track:

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