Music for a Bachelor’s Den: More of the Best of the Arthur Lyman Group

arthur Lyman

Album Title: Music for a Bachelor’s Den: More of the Best of the Arthur Lyman Group

Artist(s): arthur Lyman

Year: 1996

Label: DCC Compact Classics

Country: USA

Genre(s): Exotica

Format(s): Compact Disc

Availability: Still in Print, Limited Availability

Track Listing:

  1. Bahia
  2. Kinkajou
  3. Yellow Bird
  4. Jungle Drums
  5. Ye Lai Sian
  6. Brazilieros
  7. Otome San (Japanese Drinking Song)
  8. Anna
  9. Quiet Village
  10. Moon Over A Ruined Castle
  11. Magic Island
  12. Leis of Jazz
  13. Blue Hawaii
  14. Dahil Sayo
  15. Voodoo Dreams
  16. La Paloma
  17. Colonel Bogey March
  18. Hawaiian Wedding Song


As compilations go, this one is pretty good.  All audio is sourced from the master tapes and the selection is pretty deep into Lymans exotica side.  GEEK NOTE: the CD cover art is actualy taken from another vintage album, "Tabu" by Ralph Font - totally unrelated to any Lyman release.

Sample Track:

One Response

  1. Chris Ledford says:

    I was able to pick up this disc and the other Lyman from the compliation Music for a Bachelor’s Den – “The best of Arthur Lyman Group” off eBay for less than $10 with shipping. As the notes say above these are great CD’s to dive into exotica with. Also something to note there are two albums of Lyman’s that have all songs included on these two best of’s – Lyman’s “Hawaiian Sunset” and “Taboo”. So if you have these two album’s/CD’s, you need not purchase these two best of’s.