Paradise, Hawaiian Style

Elvis Presley

Album Title: Paradise, Hawaiian Style

Artist(s): Elvis Presley

Year: 2004

Label: Follow That Dream

Country: Denmark

Genre(s): Hawaiian/Polynesian, Other

Format(s): Compact Disc

Availability: Import, Out of Print, Scarce

Track Listing:

1. Paradise
2. Hawaiian Style
3. Queenie Wahine's Papaya
4. Scratch My Back
5. Dfrums Of The Islands
6. Datin'
7. A Dog's Life
8. House Of Sand
9. Stop Where You Are
10. This Is My Heaven
11. This Is My Heaven (take 4) (Previously Released Outtake)
12. A Dog's Life (takes 4,5,6) (Previously Released Outtake)
13. Datin' (takes 6,7,8,11,12) (Previously Released Outtake)
14. This Is My Heaven (take 7) (Previously Released Outtake)
15. Drums Of The Islands (takes 4,5) (New Outtake)
16. Queenie Wahine's Papaya (take 5) (New Outtake)
17. Stop Where You Are (take 1) (New Outtake)
18. House Of Sand (take 3 plus intro) (New Outtake)
19. Paradise, Hawaiian Style (takes 4,1) (New Outtake)
20. Scratch My Back (take 1) (New Outtake)
21. A Dog's Life (take 8) (New Outtake)
22. Sand Castles (take 1) (New Outtake)
23. Datin' (takes 1-4) (New Outtake)
24. This Is My Heaven (takes 1,2,3) (New Outtake)
25. Datin' (Takes 1 - 4)
26. This Is My Heaven (Takes 1, 2, 3)


Import release of the most disappointing of the three Elvis in Hawaii movies.  Although the film is exceptionally beautiful to look at (it was shot almost entirely at the now defunct Coco Palms resort), the plot stinks and acting sucks and its easy to fall asleep during this film even after 3 venti espressos. The soundtrack songs feel a little more classic Hawaiian that Blue Hawaii.  This release is an import complete with miniature gatefold packaging that mimics the original LP.  Artwork contains both poster versions and is wonderful to look at.  Very pricey now though.  Also available as a 10-song download but without the extra tracks of this fine collection.

Sample Track:

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