Martin denny

Album Title: Primitiva

Artist(s): Martin denny

Year: 2007

Label: Vivid Sound

Country: Japan

Genre(s): Exotica

Format(s): Compact Disc

Availability: Import, Out of Print, Very Rare

Track Listing:

  1. Burma Train
  2. Kalua
  3. M'Gambo Mambo
  4. Buddhist Bells
  5. M'Bria
  6. Flamingo
  7. Lllama Serenade (Peruvia Llama Song)
  8. Akaka Falls
  9. Bangkok Cockfight
  10. Mau Mau
  11. Dites Moi
  12. Jamaica Farewell


A Japanese reissue here.  The Japanese really know now to treat CD reissues of vintage music.  Here, even the Liberty logo on the original cover is preserved.  Although this album was released in the US on Scamp backed with another complete Denny album on a single CD, this is a nice release for completists.

Sample Track:

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