Return To Paradise

Various Artists

Album Title: Return To Paradise

Artist(s): Various Artists

Year: 2010

Label: El

Country: UK

Genre(s): Exotica

Format(s): Compact Disc, Download

Availability: Still in Print, Import, Good Availability

Track Listing:

  1. Jungle Flute (Xavier Cugat)
  2. Quiet Village (Les Baxter)
  3. Mozambique (Les Baxter)
  4. Pool of Love (Les Baxter)
  5. Taita Inty (Virgin of the Sun God) (Yma Sumac)
  6. Chant of the Moon (Robert Drasnin)
  7. Orinoco (Robert Drasnin)
  8. You (robert Drasnin)
  9. Coronation (Martin Denny)
  10. Jungle Madness (Martin Denny)
  11. When First I Love (Martin Denny)
  12. Bwana A (Arthur Lyman)
  13. Busy Port (Arthur Lyman)
  14. Strange Echoes (Frank Hunter and his Orchestra)
  15. Temple Bells (Frank Hunter and his Orchestra)
  16. Lotus Land (Gene Rains)
  17. Mwanza Market Place (Tak Shindo)
  18. N'ga - The Maiden (Tak Shindo)
  19. Summer Storm (The John McFarland Sextet)
  20. Watusi (The John McFarland Sextet)
  21. Bali-Hai (Chico Hamilton Quintet)
  22. Mountain High, Valley Low (The Markko Polo Adventurers)
  23. Zulu Love Magic (Stanley Wilson)
  24. Paradise (Paul Conrad)
  25. Kashmiri Love Song (Korla Pandit)


PROS: Some exceptionally rare tracks that simply aren't available anywhere else in digital format; the cost of collecting the LP's would be sky high; a nice collection of rare exotica   CONS: most material is taken from LP sources and some rarities are in mono, when the stereo version does exist.

Sample Track: 16 Lotus Land

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