Tahiti Matamua Charley Mauu

Charley Mauu and The Royal Polynesians

Album Title: Tahiti Matamua Charley Mauu

Artist(s): Charley Mauu and The Royal Polynesians

Year: 2010

Label: Manuiti Records

Country: USA

Genre(s): Hawaiian/Polynesian

Format(s): Download

Availability: Still in Print, Good Availability

Track Listing:

  1. Tamure
  2. Tiare
  3. Vana Vana
  4. Tangi Tika
  5. Tau Here
  6. Vahine Anamite
  7. Minoi Minou E
  8. Manu Here
  9. Papio
  10. Mareva
  11. Cafe Au Lait
  12. Tapu Taa He
  13. E Noa'A Oe la'U
  14. Aue Ue Reka
  15. Te Hora
  16. Maururu A Vau


FINALLY the wonderful album "Polynesia" has been reissued.  The original was released in the 50's on Capitol records with a fantastic nude cover in 10" LP format.  When the 12" LP format came into vogue, it was reissued with a few extra tracks to fill the space.  The original release listed the artist as "Charles Mauu and His Royal Polynesians."  This reissue and the '96 French reissue listed the artist as "Charley Mauu."  Minor, but it does make it hard when doing a word search on google.   Taken from the French CD release becuase the audio is panned slightly to the right with a small reverb on the left channel--annoying.  But the audio was taken from the master tapes so it is very crisp.  As usual, this reissue does NOT contain the original album artwork which is sad because the cover was so good!  A real bargain as a download and I guarantee this is one album you will listen to over and over.  A "must have" recommendation.

Sample Track: 07 Minoi Minoi E

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