Ukulele Isle

Heb "Ohta-San" Ohta

Album Title: Ukulele Isle

Artist(s): Heb "Ohta-San" Ohta

Year: 2006

Label: Universal Japan

Country: Japan

Genre(s): Hawaiian/Polynesian

Format(s): Compact Disc

Availability: Import, Out of Print, Very Rare

Track Listing:

  1. Too Much
  2. Adios Le Aloha
  3. twilight In Tokyo
  4. Little Brown Gal
  5. Ebb Tide
  6. Dahil Say Iyo
  7. I'll Remember You
  8. Ukulele Isle
  9. Pearly Shells
  10. Hawaiian War Chant
  11. Here Is Happiness
  12. Legend of the Rain


limited edition mini LP sleeve with original LP artwork.  From the master tapes

Sample Track: 08 Ukulele Isle

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