Welcome Beachcomber!

This is a database of rare Exotica, Hawaiian & Lounge music that occasionally washes up on the digital shore.

FOR  THE COLLECTOR: This database was created for people like me who scour music catalogs looking for reissues of vintage LPs on CD or digital download services such as iTunes or Amazon.  I always wished there was a resource where I could find the music I was interested in.  So this is it.   Please do not ask me for copies of the albums.  This is a listing of all albums, CD’s, downloads that I know of and not necessarily every release that I own in my personal collection.

THE DATABASE: The database contains information about reissues of classic Exotica, Hawaiian and Easy Listening Lounge music albums.  I did not focus on the original LP issues from the 50’s & 60’s.  Instead, this database focuses on reissues, which, in most cases, are even more rare that the original LP release.

I do not endorse any retailer or download service, so I deliberately did not list where to buy these albums.  And in some cases, it wouldn’t matter anyway, because they are already out of print.  But rather, I wanted this database to serve as a resource for the collector–A way to look and find out if indeed a particular album has been released, so you know whether or not you want to take the time to find it.

INFORMATION COMPLETENESS: There simply isn’t any way to know about every single release that has been and currently is available.  I have done my best to keep it currently and I am constantly updating and adding to it.  If you know about a title that is out that I don’t have, let me know.  I’d be happy to list it.

FUNCTIONALITY: The user interface is pretty self explanatory.  Just have fun with it and explore.  The search feature allows you to enter a word or phrase and the database will find every instance of that word or phrase within the Album Title, Artist, Song Title, etc.

The ALL ALBUMS button gives you access to all entries in the database.  The IN PRINT button only shows you those albums that are currently known to be in print.  The NEWEST button will sort the albums by the most current release to the oldest.

The comments area lets you leave a comment or add information about the release for everyone to see.  Enter the data as requested (emails are not displayed).

SAMPLE TRACK: Where possible, I have included a sample audio track.  I have chosen a track that is an example of the overall songs on the album.

A WORD ABOUT THE MUSIC ITSELF: Exotica, Hawaiian music and Easy Listening, or “lounge music” as it is now called, were popular in America during the 50’s and 60’s, so used LP’s are still fairly easy to find. Although, since the resurgence in the interest of the Tiki culture, good quality vinyl copies of these artifacts are becoming more and more scarce.

CD’S: If you thought Exotica on LP was rare, the CD releases are even more rare and are often released with little or no fanfare. Regardless of popular belief, record labels do not release a CD and manufacture  it indefinitely. Most labels release reissues of such niche market albums in runs of only 10,000 copies. I have learned that its also easier to obtain reissue rights in small runs of 10K discs. That means, when they’re sold out, they’re gone. So if you see one that is released, GET IT….if you like it.

DIGITAL DOWNLAODS: With the explosion in the popularity of online music sales such as iTunes Store, etc., some record companies that hold the rights (and the master tapes) to these recordings are actually reissuing them straight to online sales services and avoiding the cost of disc duplication. Again, they are released with no fanfare and finding them can take some searching within libraries. But its worth it. Most of these releases are directly from the master tapes.

IF YOU LIKE IT, BUY IT: I always preach it, “if you like it, buy it.”  Your purchase shows the record labels and owners of these recordings that there indeed is a market.  It will, perhaps spur the release of even more vintage LPs.