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TuneIn Radio (web browser) : https://tunein.com/radio/Quiet-Village-Radio-s250817/

*  iTunes & WinAmp: https://cp5.shoutcheap.com:2199/tunein/mariddle.pls

*  Windows Media Player: https://cp5.shoutcheap.com:2199/tunein/mariddle.asx

For Mobile Phones: I suggest the TuneIn Radio App (iOS & Android). It offers Quiet Village and 100's of other internet radio station for FREE. The App is FREE. Visit your App store for your device.

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Geek out on all things Tiki with the show that started it all.

Advertise on Quiet Village Radio

Are you a Tiki Artist, purveyor of Mid-Century Modern, or producer of a Tiki Themed event? Why not promote your products and services directly to an audience that already has the same interests? Reach people across the United States and around the world.

The Quiet Village Radio's listeners are already into the types of products you offer. Our listeners have an average listening time of over an hour and listeners tune in from all over the world. Naturally the majority of listeners are from the United States, but some of the other top locales around the world where listeners tune in from are: Germany, the UK, Canada, Japan and Indonesia, among others.

Rates are extremely reasonable for anyone, even those starving artists on a shoestring budget.

Contact the Station Director DigiTiki now.

Digitiki @ gmail dot com.



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