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Utra rare Japanese
"Hawaii Calls: Fire Goddess" CD - OOP

Ultra Rare Japanese
"Hawaii Calls at Twilight" CD - out of print

Ultra Rare Japanese
"Hawaii Calls: Hawaiian Shores" CD - OOP

Ultra Rare Japanese
"Hawaii Calls: Hawaiian Strings" CD - OOP

Bar Coasters

Alika Lyman limited ed.
mai tai glasses - few left

Alika Lyman Group "Leis of Jazz, Vol 2" CD

Leis of Jazz, Vol. 2 LP

"Hawaii Calls: Hawaiian Strings" ultra rare Japanese CD

$65 (free domestic U.S. shipping)

In April, 2000, a series of classic Hawaii Calls LPs were reissued only in Japan. They were quickly sold out and went out of print. They are all exceptionally and almost never come up on the used market. Here is one of those ultra rare reissues: "Hawaii Strings". The original LP was released in 1959 in mono. This CD release is sourced from the original master tapes, so the sound quality is excellent. It is in mono as was the original release. This CD comes complete with the OBI label. The CD disc, booklet and jewel case are in exceptional condition, practically brand new. This is NOT a CDR or bootleg, this is the original CD. Now is your chance to get a super rare Hawaiian CD. 

"Hawaii Calls: Fire Goddess" Rare Japanese CD Reissue

$50.00 (free domestic U.S. shipping)

Released only in Japan in 2000, this classic Hawaiian LP reissue is now long since gone out of print and is exceptionally hard to find.  This is rare chance to own this CD.  The album has been sourced from the original master tapes, so sound quality is excellent.  THIS IS NOT A CDR or BOOTLEG, this is an original copy.   The CD disc is pristine with no marks.  The booklet shows some signs of use, but still in good condition.  The jewel case has some scuffs.  The OBI label is missing from this CD.  Inside is a multi page booklet, all in Japanese.

O N L Y   A   F E W   L E F T :

Alika Lyman Group "Leis of Jazz Vol 2" commemorative glass

2 for $22 - Free US shipping

These double rocks glass (mai tai glasses) were released to celebrate the release of the Alika Lyman Group's album "Leis of Jazz, Vol 2" - an homage to Alika's Great Uncle Arthur Lyman (yes that Arthur Lyman).  The back of the glass has a custom cocktail created for the album release by Rory Snyder (proprieter of the Reef Bar and Tiki Caliente in Palm Springs).

These glasses were thought to be sold out.  But I found a single box in storage that I didn't know was there.  So this is it folks!  Only 200 of these were ever produced.  So get yours now or its gone for good.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Please contact me directly before ordering to get a price on the shipping cost to your country.

Alika Lyman Group "Leis of Jazz, Vol. 2" LP

Sold at Dionysus Records

Dionysus Records is renown for releasing important Exotica.  They lovingly created the limited edition LP release of Alika Lyman Group's "Leis of Jazz, Vol. 2" album.  This LP is made of purple vinyl with a faithful recreation of the original Hi-Fi Records' LP labels AND the foil sticker used on the original Arthur Lyman "Leis of Jazz" album from 1959.

I have my copy of the original LP and the "Leis Vol. 2" LP framed side by side.  You may want to do this too!  Big MAHALO to Dionysus Records.  Get your copy now before they are GONE!   LP purchase comes with a special code to download hi res MP3's of the album also!!!

Alika Lyman Group "Leis of Jazz, Vol. 2" CD

$12 - free US shipping

In 2014 I was so privileged to have the opportunity to produce and perform the tribute album to Arthur Lyman by is great nephew Alika Lyman.  I met Alika performing with Tiki Joe's Ocean and we became best friends almost immediately.  Alika is one of the top musicians that devotes himself to his craft to a level that I am in awe of.  

Every second of this album was lovingly crafted to be an album that could be played back to back with Arthur Lyman's original "Leis of Jazz" from 1959.  

Even the cover art is an homage to the original "Leis" album.  The CD even sports a faithful recreation of the original Hi-FI Records' foil sticker.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Please contact me directly before ordering to get a price on the shipping cost to your country.

Quiet Village Bar Coasters


These are professional quality thick  4.25" diameter pulpboard bar coasters that will help you and your guests feel the tropics calling.  Each coaster sports the Quiet Village logo by Eric October and the signature phrase "Welcome to the Quiet Village" in exotic red on black.   The reverse side sports the logo with tiki torch artwork on white background.  

This order is for domestic US shipping. 

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Please contact me directly before ordering to get a price on the shipping cost to your country.

100th Episode Commemorative Coconut Shot Mug


Tiny shot sized ceramic coconut mugs each made individually by hand by artist Eric October.   Only 100 were made and each mug was engraved with the individual buyer's  name or Tiki "handle" of their choice and numbered.  Mahalo to all who supported Quiet Village Podcast and Radio by purchasing one.  Cheers!  

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